Tech In Progress – Introduction

life cycle

June 2016

Or: why we are in the middle of the golden age of computer science and its related technologies

In principle, the invention of each important technology that eventually becomes largely used, has 4 major milestones during its lifecycle:

Introduction – the first phase after the invention was made. This period is dedicated to create the right prototype that will implement the new technology and to verify that it is actually benefits those who use of it.

Growth – at some point (point whose time after the kickoff of this process is not accurate common and can vary between each technology) the use of some of those new invented technologies accelerates and starting to grab more and more attention, while others  will just won’t be accepted in eventually will disappear. The transition from Introduction to Growth stage is surely the most crucial and risky to pass.

Maturity  – this is the stable part in the new tech lifecycle. In this stage the technology reaches the highest  and the most profitable.

Decline – The use of the technology decrease mainly because the entrance of new technology turning this one to be obsolete.

This lifecycle that describes the progress of new technologies remain relevant from ancient times up until nowadays. BUT what has tremendously been changed is an increase in the number of new disruptive technologies that are in the Growth period at the same time and decrease of the duration of the lifecycle that described above.
And this trend is predicted to progress more along the time.
In a nutshell – Technology Grows Exponentially.

An example to demonstrate the increasing rate (or decreasing period) of substituting technologies is described through the common subject of listening to music.

This website aims to assist its readers to keep up with the accelerating technology changes in the world we all live in, to be able to follow their progress and understand the relations between them. However it doesn’t  intend to deal with the social or psychological effect that the new technologies cause nor the impact on the business world (though there are plenty of those side effects) , just objectively describe the technical perspective of those developments.


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