Last update: June 2016

Type: ConceptDrones

Current State: Growth (3)

About: a vehicles that are sub-group under the group of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The members of this subgroup hover similarly to helicopter, and can be used for different  civilian and military purposes. Among them: photography, intelligence, transportation and emergency services- (such as human rescue or fire fighting) .

A significant development that made Multi Rotors available, happened as a side effect as a result of development of technologies that were required for the Smartphone industry.
Those technologies include:

  • Computing device which the the flying controller and in charge of the vehicle stabilization.
  • various sensors – including Gyroscope, GPS and others
  • Efficient batteries – light and yet powerful enough


Embedding AI technologies:

AI technologies are embedded and determine the guidance level of these vehicles . The main guidance modes are:

  • Remote operator – like all unmanned vehicles drones can be guided through remote operator. In this mode too there is certain amount of AI concepts in order to stabilize and assist the flight. (the level of autonomous is summarized below).
  • Autonomous –  In its maximal level this vehicle is essentially an autonomous robot.
  • Fleet of drones – several drones or several unmanned vehicle that share data and cooperate together in a shared mission.

UAV autonomy



  • Smartphone (ARM architecture, Embedded gyroscope, efficient batteries)
  • Autonomous robot AI technologies.

  • Unmanned Vehicle (Predecessor)

Main implementations: