Type: Concept

Current State: Growth (3)


All kinds of vehicles that don’t require human presence to maneuver, and is controlled by  This group is divided to the subgroups according to the space where the vehicle function which are mainly:

  • Unmanned ground vehicles,
  • Unmanned surface and underwater vehicles
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Unmanned aircraft

They all have in common the challenge of moving and functioning in a certain degree of autonomously. which is achieved by AI technologies combined with senstors that assist to understand the vehicle location and what’s around it.

Enabling Technologies and concepts:

  • GPS, Gyroscope
  • Machine Learning (AI)



  • JAUS – Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems



  • Elbit Systems has successfully fired torpedoes from its Seagull autonomous Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV), the company announced on 28 June. To the full article. (30.06.16)