July 2016

Type: Concept

State: Growing

Expected Impact: Big


An expression to describe different kind of networks that connect physical things. By adding a small electronic devices to those things they are capable of exchanging data between each other and to a centralized information system that collect the data. The main benefits from this network are:

  • Monitoring the system that those things define in order to detect problems and in some case involve in fixing those problem
  • Improve efficiency of the involved things that cause the reduction of costs and resources (mainly energy) that are consumed.

Contributing Technologies

  • Different communication protocols that improved connectivity and do it with less energy then before and accelerate the development of this concept – NFC, LiFi, Bluetooth low energy, ZigBee, Wifi Direct, 5g
  • Big Data (enabler)
  • Machine Learning (accelerator)

Sub Categories 

  • Smart Cities (and transportation)
  • Smart Homes