When realizing the acceleration of technology inventions and scientific break through in the recent years, specifically in the field of artificial intelligence, the question that comes up is: towards what is it all getting? Are we getting towards a point that technology will not only assist the human race but may exceed its intelligence and hence overtake or replace us?

One of the most famous  theory that support this assumption is Singularity. Singularity  in principle claims that due to the continues acceleration of technologies and computation power, in the recent future, the human beings as we know us, will no longer be the smartest species on earth. we will either evolved into a new specie which is a hybrid mixture of men and machine (which Ray Kurzweil is the most famous prophet of this vision) or that pure machines with no humanity embedded will become self aware and will take control.

On the other hand seems like most of the scientific community believe that in this point this apocalyptic future is at least far away in a distance which is bigger then 50 years time.

These are the main questions that can determine the correctness of this theory:

  1. Can computers program become self aware at all and exceed the human’s intelligence? Seems like the answer to this question is Yes.
    Computers already made steps towards this goal. the latest most significant one was the development of Deep Supervised Learning algorithm. Development that for example, one of its implementation already defeat men in the field of strategy board games.  in the game Go. This may prove that the AI technology evolving into the right direction.
  2. Is the gap to fully aware machines predicted to be within less the 50 years? Apart from the singularity fans, according to the majority of the scientific community, seems like the answer to this question is No. here is for example a long and detailed explained article that compare the brain structure and functionality to nowadays deep learning algorithm to determine the gap between them
  3. When the knowledge will be available, is it an inevitable future that will sentence us to doom? The answer to this question is open. Some believe that from this moment it is unstoppable. as quoted from Ray Kurzweil’s article about it:

    These ethical debates are like stones in a stream. The water runs around them.

    On the other hand there is an example to another technology advance that has the potential to extinct us all – nuclear power. and though it is known from more then 50 years the human kind show surprising maturity and were able not to use it massively.


Despite the common assumptions about the long time that is left, and since they are suspected to be influenced by emotions rather then rational arguments, this website will continue to track the advances in the field of AI in order to analyze and alert if danger is coming.