1 The release of Pokemon Go, a location-based, augmented reality game

Augmented Reality

Only in case you haven’t been on the planet in the last few weeks this can be a news to you, otherwise you must have already heard tons of discussions about it: The Pokémon, a Japanese cartoon born in the 90s, has made one of the biggest comebacks of all time, via a new location-based augmented reality mobile application, created by Nintendo. Within a few weeks, it has racked up 75 million downloads across Apple and Android and broke the record for hitting 50 million downloads in just 19 days. and to a global obsession about this game.

Unlike Angry Birds, Candy Crash or other previous mobile hit games, this game includes innovative part in the field of Augmented Reality. AR is part of the game as it uses the phone’s GPS and clock to detect when and where you are playing, and using the camera to overlay the game’s graphic elements on top of the displayed real world.
Pokemon Go app isn’t using any type of advanced Augmented Reality, However the game’s major contribution  is its impact that provides worldwide recognition and buzz to the field of   augmented reality and its capabilities. It is expected to boost the launch of other new initiatives and as well bigger investments in this subject that will may drive to future breakthroughs

2 First known deadly car accident happened to autonomous car

the US road safety administration revealed lately that the first ever death in an autonomous car happened in May this year. A man was killed after his Model S.Tesla vehicle, operating in Autopilot mode, hit a tractor trailer .

The Autopilot, which combines proprietary and third-party technology (of Mobileye, in this case), is supposed to be able to recognize “any interruption of the ground plane in the path of the vehicle”. Unfortunately, according to Tesla, the car’s sensor system, against a bright spring sky, failed to distinguish a large white 18-wheel truck and trailer crossing the highway and therefore the brakes system wasn’t applied.

 Tesla said the incident was a tragic loss, but noted that it was the first fatality in 130 million miles of Autopilot driving. The company compared that to regular driving, which incurs one fatality per 94 million miles in the US.
Shrot time afterwards, as a result of this accident, Tesla decided to part ways with Mobileye, the startup that supplies the chips that enable Teslas to recognize images and to work with the car’s Autopilot system. Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk said in an email the split wouldn’t affect its development of more-advanced versions of Autopilot system, which is installed in its Model S sedans and Model X sport-utility vehicles.
The accident has cast doubt over the safety of this new technology. Analysts said its impact was likely a short-term setback to the autonomous cars emerging industry. But at this point many of the largest vehicle companies involved in developing different level of autonomous cars. The accident should be learned from, but not expected to restrain the continues efforts in this field.

The spread of digital wallet continues. The race is getting warmer, which solution will dominate?

Digital wallet

The major digital wallet solutions continue to conquer the world, with penetration to new countries.
Samsung Pay started to roll out this month in Brazil, which is added to a list of countries where the service already available. The payment became also available through Gear S2, Samsung’s smartwatch in addition to its mobile devices. In general, Samsung’s E-payment solution is currently leading in terms of countries availability of the service.
Meanwhile, in the last few months Apple Pay added  France, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore.
The last global player – Android Pay who is currently behind the former ones. Is currently available in the U.S and in the countries: UK, Singapore and the latest to join this list is Australia.

And the race continues…


Softbank acquired ARM for $32 billion due to  its potential to the ‘Internet of Things’ market

Internet of Things

Softbank, one the the largest telecommunication companies in the world bought ARM, the company who is in charge to the design of the chips that are inside 95% of smartphones around the world, and make them what they are – smart devices. But the smartphone market has leveled off in 2016 and not considered to ba major growth engine. The real main reason to justify this acquisition is ARM’s new immature products in the field of Internet of Things that considered to provide big opportunity.

2 of the main ARM solutions for the  IoT sector are:
ARM® mbed IoT Device Platform which is a dedicated platform for developing connected IoT devices. that was made as a soluition to overcome IoT scale challenge- one the the major challenges of Internet of Things is the network scale challenge – as it is expected to support billion of devices.

Another major solution of ARM is Internet of Things (IoT) Subsystem for Cortex®-M processors which allows design teams to create IoT endpoints faster and with lower risk. ARM’s scalable IP solutions are designed to target all points on the value chain from sensors to servers.

5 New Unique VR TV-broadcasting

Virtual Reality | 360° Camera

NBC intend to broadcast some of the events of the coming Olimpic games. The exact broadcast experience nor the  handset that will be supported hasn’t been determined yet. It is predicted to provide an experience similar to 360° display.

Similar news has been announced this month for the medical sector as well- medical students will be able to watch a live surgery in 360-degree Virtual Reality format starting this month.The surgery will be broadcast via an internal online platform which is available for doctors and medical student called GIBLIB. The surgery this week will be filmed by a 360-degree 4K camera produced by a company called 360fly. Watching a surgery in 360-degree provides a fully immersive real-world operating room experience for viewers and is a game changer for surgical education.

The feedback from these experimental broadcasts for Entertainment and Health fields will impact this new industry by assisting to determine how useful and mature this technology is at this point.